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Simply the Best!
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Friday, August 14, 2015

New Dancing Dresses!

New From Allure! size Medium. style 16-380 in Black. $340. 

New from Jovani! Style 28059 in Green. Size 2. $505. 

New from Primavera Couture! Style 1306 in Beige. Size 6. $285

Hurry in to Michelle's Formal Wear to see these and so many more! 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Homecoming 2015!

Homecoming dresses are arriving daily to 
Michelle's Formal Wear! 

And, they are leaving us just as quickly as they are arriving. 
With Homecoming dates as early as September, 
it is time to start shopping now! 

What are the trends?

  • Floral Prints
  • Two-Pieces
  • Patterns
  • Longer Skirts
  • Gorgeous Jewel Tones (Emerald, Plum, Navy)
  • Bandage

Shop with Michelle's Formal Wear in Adel or visit us online at!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring Fashion Trends 2015

Spring can be one of the most confusing Seasons for your Wardrobe.

Are we dressing for bright and sunny South Georgia...or are we dressing for cloudy and windy 72...again in South Georgia?

The easiest way to handle this confusion, because my goodness, we have so much to worry about these days, is to layer!

Instead of layering your dresses with the typical legging, let's spice it up with the latest trend announced by Vogue, layering your spring flowy dresses over skinny jeans or skinny capris! Add a pair of heels or sandals, jewelry and you are set with a fabulous outfit.

Now, we need you to hold on to something. Take a seat. For those of you who know that fashion is a Merry Go Round, and everything that once was in style will again be back in style, this will not a shock! For those of you who are just now learning this, hold on tight! 

The latest Spring Trend is Culottes. These are not the jersey knit "Gauchos" of the early 2000s! Today, they are much more tailored, and are an absolute essential for your Spring wardrobe...they were seen all over the runways...our favorite being VaVa! 

When wearing these pants, it is all about proportion. There is such a movement happening to long and lean looks from the runways that the return of the pant is only in keeping with that thought. They are best worn with heels, to elongate the legs...because they are not the most forgiving look for a woman under 5'3". 

They are best paired with a slim fitting top tucked in, a slim tank, or a crop top. Add a blazer or jacket to make this look also more work appropriate. Save them for Winter, and add a tall boot underneath! 

You can always count on Michelle's Formal Wear in Adel, GA to have exactly what you need to stay on top of the trends instead of behind the trends. Stop by today and let us help you spruce up your Spring wardrobe!

Michelle...with a Blog

Friday, March 13, 2015

Find the Pageant for You!

It is Pageant Season 2015!

Many of you often wonder which pageants you should enter. There is a method to the madness!

There is a pageant every weekend in the South! Do I enter a State pageant first? How do I know which pageants I am ready to enter, or which ones I may need to wait to enter? Hopefully this blog will help you understand this wonderful world of hairspray, spray tans, and amazing experiences and memories to last a lifetime!

  • Brand New to Pageantry
If you are just venturing into the Pageant World, you should start off with a local pageant. There are several charity type pageants, which would be a great way to help someone and find out if you really are going to love the stage! Some examples are Relay for Life Pageants, American Cancer Society Pageants, etc. There are also local festival pageants, such as the Adelilly Pageant, which is another great way to start. Michelle's Formal Wear (shameless plug) has several gowns that are 1/2 off from Babies to Miss. In the event that pageantry, like any other sport, is not for you, the start-up cost would be minimal.

  • Ready for the Next Level

Once you realize the stage is your home, you have performed well at local pageants consistently, it is time to try the next level. There are pageants each and every weekend in the South. If you are 10-years old and up, expect an Introduction and an Interview with the Judges. Miss Cook County in June is an excellent way to get involved with the next level. It is a local pageant with an Interview, and even has Outfit of Choice. Your Outfit of Choice is modeling on stage at each X to upbeat music, showing your personality, and in an outfit of your choice off the rack or a custom made outfit. Since you have decided you like the stage, your mom is not a candidate for Drama Mama or Stage Mama's R Us, it is time to invest in wardrobe to be competitive. Michelle's Formal Wear is your one stop shop for all things related to Pageantry. From shoes to gowns to jewelry to Interview attire and even Casual Wear....we have it all here. This is the time to also think about a Pageant Coach. Just as in any sport, you need guidance and you need to practice with someone who has been in Pageantry for many years. We have a Pageant Coach available at Michelle's and we also know several others throughout the State. We will be happy to give you their information. You will need a Photogenic Picture that looks like you do right now. There are several talented pageant photographers in Georgia. Spray tans are the safest way to give you color for the Stage, if you need it. We offer spray tanning at Michelle's.

  • State and National Pageantry
If you have consistently, (and yes, we have used that word a few times here, but it is so important) continued to do well in pageants and are ready for State and National level pageantry, here is where it gets interesting...and so much fun! This is your passion. It must be or it will not be fun! Spending hours in Hair and Makeup in hot rollers and sometimes getting up at 5:00am just to have your hair rolled is NOT for everyone! But, you have decided it is for you, and you are ready to try a State or a National Level pageant. Really know the systems. Many State pageants such as Coed, NAM, and IJM will help prepare you for the Miss America system, as well as the Miss USA system. Miss Georgia South is held every July in Adel, GA and is the Superbowl of Pageantry in the South. By now, you should have your wardrobe complete, have a coach you trust and connect with like a best friend, and are ready to hit the big stage! 

  • Wrap it Up!

Do your research. Ask questions. Know what type of system you are ready to compete in. Make sure your wardrobe is competitive but most importantly represents YOU. Write your own Pageant Bio so you will know what is on it and there aren't any surprises in Interview! Your parents may want you to be a Doctor, but you may want to be a Teacher. Make sure the Bio is YOU. The entire point of an Interview is so that the Judges may get to know you. The real you! Follow the steps...Local, Festival, Interview, Casual Wear, and then State/National. The quickest way to get discouraged is to enter a pageant you aren't prepared to enter. 

Remember this, on your journey into the Pageant world: a flower does not wait for the one next to him to bloom...he just does. Do not compare yourself to others. If Sally Jane gets a new dress, that does not mean you need one. If you place 2nd Runner up for an entire year, that does not mean you aren't doing everything right. If one set of judges tell you they despise your gown, wait for the next two sets of judges to tell you the same. Everyone has an opinion. 
And, this is a sport! Prepare for a pageant just as you would for a Softball game, a Dance recital, a Cheerleading competition, or a Piano recital. You must practice and practice correctly to do well. 

Each time, your confidence improves and you will be ready to conquer the world! Plus, it is not a cliche', you really will make some of the best friends along the way! 

Michelle...with a Blog

Monday, December 15, 2014

Michelle's Must-Have Christmas List!

Hello Everyone!!

If you are like me, you have waited until the last minute and have just realized there are only 10 days until Christmas! Oh. My. Mistletoe!

Hopefully, our Michelle's Must-Have Christmas List will help you in this busy hurry rush rush box, wrap and bow days ahead!

1. Calm down! Especially if you are around others. If you are stressed, others around you will be stressed. De-stressing will help you think clearly! My favorite de-stresser is a Bubble Bath and I love this product from Bath & Body Works. The body lotion stays with you throughout the day. You can even get the plug ins for your hope to keep the smell of calmness in your home from day to day. I love it because it always reminds me of a Spa! So, let's start with you so you can then concentrate on others in your life!

2. Sparkle! It doesn't matter if you are wearing sweats and tennis shoes, a pair of rhinestone earrings immediately brighten your face and adds light, and POOF! you are immediately dressed up!
 Search for everyday moments that make life sparkle. Maybe it is a smile from your child. Maybe it is a co-worker who went that extra mile. Maybe it is a home cooked meal. Maybe it is getting off work an hour earlier than expected! Maybe it is an unexpected text from a friend. A compliment. A much needed hug. Those are the real sparkles of life. But, if you are like me, and believe every girl should sparkle, regardless of the situation, rhinestone jewelry is a perfect gift to give! We love anything by Jim Ball! Available at Michelle's Formal Wear. As Ashlin says, "Nothing is complete without a little piece of Bling"!

3. Christmas are either dreading these or you are looking forward to these festive parties! Maybe you are dreading it because you do not have the perfect outfit to wear! That is usually the reason why I dread any mind automatically goes to wardrobe. I think most women feel the same way. There are so many wonderful trends right now that can work for Winter right into Spring so they are great pieces to buy and will last through several seasons. And please do not forget your hostess gift! If you have been invited to someone's home, always bring the hostess something...a bottle of wine, a gift certificate, something to show that you appreciate being there. Here are a few of our favorite looks that will easily go from Work to Party or Winter to Spring.


4. Quick Gifts! AGH! Someone is coming over and you know they are bringing something! It's the last day of school and you have forgotten to buy teacher gifts and you know those are among the most important! Let me help you!! Gift Cards! iTunes, Visa Gift Cards, Paypal Gift Cards, Restaurant Gift Cards...and they sell them everywhere from Rite Aid to Dollar General to even Michelle's Formal Wear...shameless plug! Keep one or two on hand just in case you need something for an Emergency Gift!

5. Whew! We made it half-way through the list!! Aren't you ready for something for you again? I mean, you are the one out shopping! Those feet...those poor feet need to be pampered!! They have been walking, standing, running, and even prancing in heels...someone once said we do what men do and even backwards in high heels throughout the day! If that is so, our tootsies need help! Stop shopping and scoot in to a Spa for a well-deserved Pedicure! While you are there, pick up a Gift Certificate for a friend!

6. After that much needed Christmas Pedicure, and don't you feel FABULOUS?, it's back to shopping!! Tree stands hold up Christmas Trees. Beautiful custom wheels hold up the beautiful Lexus with the big Red Bow. You now have beautiful toes to hold you up while shopping. Let's not forget about holding up your bottom and holding in what needs to be held! I believe every outfit for a Special Occasion when you are showing up to show out could always benefit from a pair of Spanx! From size 00 to size 32...we all need Spanx! And, they have tights now! Bonus!! Oh! Guess where you can buy Spanx? Michelle's!! What a coincidence!!

7. Bangles, Bracelets, Stacking and Mismatching! The more bracelets, the better - various shapes, sizes, and mixing metals is totally fine! We love this look! From Bourbon and Boweties to any bracelet that you can find, the more the merrier! We have so many different and unique colors to choose from and will help you pair your favorite colors together! We also wrap for Michelle's...there is that name again! 
8. When I have spare time, I love to read. Especially, I love to read anything that is a quick read and is inspiring and will teach me something that will help me in my day to day life. Well, here is a quick read from a self-made successful woman, I love her Oprah-isms! I actually found this book at Target last night so for those of you who like to shop 

What I Know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey

Moments of Truth $25

9. Monograms! Oh how we love our Initials! We love your Initials! We love everyone's Initials! And the newest trend...Monograms on Clutches! Every color for every outfit! You usually can find the clutches for $35-$45 and the Monogramming for $8-$10. Perfect Gift for that Special Heart Friend! We have the Clutches at Michelle's...I know...I couldn't resist!

10. The last and final Michelle's Must-Have Christmas Item is your PRESENCE! Just being there for others. Volunteer at your local food bank. Deliver food to the less fortunate. Shop for those in need through Black Crow Media's Annual Tree of Giving. Remember those closest to you who may need you now more than ever. Maybe their needs haven't been heard publicly yet but you can just tell that a visit is needed, an extra hug, or a "Thinking of You" card...yes...people do still send things in the mail. Most of the time, I think all of the time, your PRESENCE is ENOUGH. You are ENOUGH! :) 

We hope you have enjoyed Michelle's Must-Have Christmas List 2014!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Michelle's is open from 10am to 6pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 10-4 on Saturday. 
We are closed on Wednesday and Sunday. We do offer custom free gift wrapping also! 


Monday, November 10, 2014

Be Original!

White Doesn't Always Win!

Susie Q has won every single pageant from here to Alabama in 2014 in a white dress. Little Betty Sue has been her 1st Runner Up each time in a beautiful blue dress. Guess what Betty Sue thinks she needs now? She must have it! Right now! Betty Sue must have a WHITE DRESS! NOW! It is what is going to WIN!!!! 

No!! It is not the dress!!! 

It is the person wearing the dress. Betty Sue just needs to tweak a few things and I promise you, she will win in her beautiful blue dress because she is being herself! 

So throw out what you have always heard..."White Wins" and "Book me Blue"...wear the color that is best for YOU...even if that is a purple polka dot dress with a bright yellow bow. 

I know this Blog seems to follow the lines of pageantry, but it also applies to life. Sometimes we want to copy others because they are so successful at what they are doing and by golly, they make it look so easy! Everyone has a talent. Everyone has a special gift. God made us all completely DIFFERENT and DIFFERENT is good! Dig down deep and reach for those talents and gifts that set you apart from everyone else and use those to be successful. Don't take the easy way out and copy someone else. An original is always worth more than an imitiation. 

As Pinocchio says in Shrek the Musical "Let your Freak Flag Fly"! All of the things that make you special are the things that make you strong! 

Michelle...with a Blog

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Remember when I asked for your Opinion?

….neither do I!

Just teasing!!! I have jokes!


So you have purchased THE DRESS…and let's just say THE DRESS is a PAGEANT DRESS for today's blog. But, it could be a Wedding Dress and insert a Mother or MIL for the Pageant Judge. It could be a Prom Dress and insert a Best Friend or Boyfriend for the Pageant Judge. I promise, it will all tie back together in a nice little bow.

Back to THE DRESS…you spent three hours selecting the perfect dress with the right accessories, spent hours with your coach, hair and makeup artist, and you are ready to walk onto the big stage! This is your moment to show the world you and your bright and shiny new dress! You are so proud! Your walk…flawless. Smile…sparkling. Hair…on point! Third Runner Up…YOU. 


Clap! Be thankful! Really, honestly, be thankful. Never take a placement for granted. Thank the directors for their time. Congratulate the winners. Smile. And, make a B-Line for the Judge's Table! 

And, remember before you even paid for their opinion. Yep…you sure did. 

  • Judge #1 Loved you, loved the dress, the walk, the interview…everything!
  • Judge #2 Honestly, it was between you and the winner. 
  • Judge #3 (brace yourself) Who let you buy that dress? It's hideous. My eyes still hurt. Burn it so no one else ever has to see it or wear it again. Do it now. Do not wait. Run, Forest, Run! 
I told you to brace yourself. You cannot say I did not warn you. Now, don't you dare cry. I mean it. Don't do it. The opinion of Judge #3 is just that. His opinion. Don't let his opinion ruin your love for THE DRESS. (See how you can insert Mom, MIL, Boyfriend or Best Friend and Wedding Dress or Prom Dress here?!) You still love it. 

I already know you are nitpicking the dress to death. Going over and over all of the flaws he found with the dress with a fine toothed comb. It's NOT worth it! This will just drive you batty! 

As Elsa would say…."Let It Go"!  

On to the next pageant! And if you see him sitting at the judge's table, give him a pair of sunglasses before you walk on stage…because you are going to LIGHT IT ON FIRE! 

Michelle…with a Blog